TMB Endurance Training was established in 2010 by Tonia Blanchet. Tonia is a certified running coach and fitness instructor, who is passionate about working with individuals who are looking to improve their health, fitness and athletic performance. Whether you are looking to succeed in a 5K or marathon, or to develop the strength and endurance to keep up with your kids, Tonia can help you to achieve that goal safely and effectively.

Tonia has been working in the fitness industry for five years and is a certified running coach with the Road Runners Club of America. She is also certified as a fitness instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

Tonia has focused much of her own training on competing in distances up to marathons and brings her coaching expertise to train a wide range of runners, from beginners to seasoned competitors who are looking to improve on previous performances.

Coaching services can be provided remotely by e-mail and telephone and locally (Richmond, VA area) through e-mail, telephone and face-to-face contact.